Meet the On Track Audio Team

Sydney Harman (Director)

Sydney Harman, the founder and director of On Track Audio.

I’ve been working in the AVL industry for over 10 years. Originally, I started as a stage hand in Oklahoma City before attending university in Dallas, TX. It was around this time that I started getting into car audio.

I remember my first set up. It wasn’t pretty. An old single din Sony with front and back sony speakers and a 12 inch JBL sub I picked up on craigslist. But, for driving around the DFW area working gigs, they did the trick.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to improve my system overtime. As my knoweledge of professional audio has improved, so to has my ability to string together the best soundsystem. 

That’s why I started On Track Audio. I want to use the information I’ve learned over the years to help those new to the hobby. Together with my team, I’ve set this site up to be a hub for information to help both beginner and advanced car audio enthusiasts.

Ellis Blake (Head of Marketing)

Ellis A. Blake

I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 10 years. While I only got into car audio recently, I’m looking forward to learning more through working with Sydney. I’m excited by the opportunity to turn my baby, a 2014 Jaguar F Type, into an audio powerhouse by working with and learning from true car audio professionals. 


Allan Propes (Content Editor)

Allan Propes, lead content editor at On Track Audio

I’m a writer at heart, though I took the long way to find my true calling. The first 10 years of my professional life were spent in audio engineering, working to develop speakers for some of the worlds leading audio companies. After a few chance opportunities, I eventually found myself working with industry trade magazines and pivoting over to a career in writing and editing, where I met Sydney. Working with him has been an amazing opportunity. I’ve been able to combine two things I love more than anything, audio and writing. 

Sadie Davis (Social Media Manager)

Sadie Davis, social media manager at On Track Audio

When I’m not tweaking a new amp, you can find me making IG stories, liking a ton of Facebook posts, or dropping car audio knoweledge bombs on Twitter. I live social media 24/7 365, not only with my work but also in my personal life. The only thing that can pry me away from scrolling social media feeds is a new set of Rockford subs or the latest in head unit technology.